• Unified Communication

    •All-in-one UC Gateway with all varieties of communication interfaces like E1, FXO / FXS, GSM /CDMA / WCDMA, PTT & Radio (HF, UHF, VHF), Audio, E&M, Magnet, SIP & SIP Subscribers, IMS interface;

    •Built-in with industrial computer board X86 or MIPS card for customers or users to install their own software (like IP PBX, Asterisk, soft switch);

    •Modular design, scalable capacity, easy for future updatinig.

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    Unified Communication
  • E1 to VoIP

    •Quick, Reliable and Cost-effective E1 connection to SIP;

    •Supports ISDN PRI, SS7, R2 / CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS and SIP;

    •Rackmount modular design, scalable capacity from 1E1 to 52E1 ports per unit.

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    E1 to VoIP
  • FXO / FXS to VoIP

    •The product from FXO / FXS to SIP, is not only an Analog Gateway, but also is an IP PBX which support 20 to 1024 SIP users per unit;

    •Rackmount modular design, scalable capacity from 4 to 192 ports per unit;

    •Other optional interfaces: E1 / ISDN, GSM / CDMA / WCDMA, etc.

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    FXO / FXS to VoIP
  • GSM / CDMA / WCDMA to VoIP

    •Establish direct connection between GSM / CDMA /WCDMA network and VoIP;

    •Rackmount design, scalable capacity from 2 ports to 96 ports GSM / CDMA / WCDMA;

    •Optional interface: FXO / CO lines, FXS, or ISDN PRI.

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    GSM / CDMA / WCDMA to VoIP
  • RoIP (Radio to IP)

    •RoIP Gateway makes connection between radio and IP network;

    •Compatible with different kinds of radios, like Motorola, Tetra, Hytera, Gota, etc;

    •Connects different radios by one single unit at same time.

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    RoIP (Radio to IP)
  • Audio to IP

    •Make connection between audio system and VoIP network (Audio over IP);

    •Can be connected with mixer, microphone, loudspeaker box, conference system, broadcast, and so on;

    •Voice Active Detection (VAG).

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    Audio to IP
  • E&M or Magnet to VoIP

    •Makes voice communication between E&M / Magnet trunk interface and VoIP network;

    •Provides with stable network configuration, powerful functions and features, excellent voice quality;

    •Other interface in one same unit like: "E1 / ISDN, FXO / FXS, GSM / CDMA / WCDMA, Radio, Audio, etc" for choice.

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    E&M or Magnet to VoIP
  • NICEUC Gateway helps IP Call Center

    •VoIP Media Gateway / Trunking Gateway as access gateway to connect PSTN /ISDN PRI to IP network;

    •Analog Gateway / FXS VoIP Gateway as agent gateway to connect agent and IP Call Center System;

    •All kinds of products use rackmount design, scalable capacity is easy for customer to expand in future.

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    NICEUC Gateway helps IP Call Center
  • Signaling Conversion

    •Make connection between different signaling protocols:ISDN PRI, SS7, R2/CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS,etc;

    •Rackmount modular design, scalable capacity from 1E1 to 100E1 port per unit;

    •Different kinds of Signaling can be used in one single device, it is easy for customers to connect different operators.

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    Signaling Conversion
  • E1 Recording System

    •Scalable modular design, support 1E1 to 26E1 Recording;

    •No effect on original call communication system;

    •All kinds of signaling: ISDN PRI, SS7, R2/CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS are supported by NICEUC E1 Recoding System.

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    E1 Recording System
  • IP Communication

    •Easy communication network for enterprise by IP technology;

    •Multiple-access way for IP communication: E1, GSM, FXO, etc;

    •Scalable modular design for future requirements.

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    IP Communication
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