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E&M / Magnet Gateway to VoIP

Product: E&M / Magnet Gateway (Or called as E&M / Magnet to VoIP converter too)

It is a device with E&M / Magnet trunk interface and carry E&M / Magnet voice through VoIP network, and also it makes voice communication between E&M / Magnet trunk and VoIP network.


E&M / Magnet Voice VoIP Gateway developed by NICEUC is a solution with excellent quality and reasonable price for dispatching industry (especially dispatching in Amy, Railway). It is E&M / Magnet VoIP gateway that on basis of IP, provides with stable network configuration, powerful functions and features, excellent voice quality.



Mass-market VoIP services started in 2004, and has been rapidly grew for recent years.

It is becoming increasingly common for telecommunications providers to use VoIP telephony over dedicated and public IP networks to connect switching centers and to interconnect with other telephony network providers.


In communication system of Amy or railway, traditional PBX provides with E&M / Magnet interface only, and this is one of the commonest communication tool. With development of VoIP technologies, actually these E&M / Magnet PBX system are isolated, and become the biggest obstacle for working performance. Therefore it’s imperative to integrate E&M / Magnet interface with traditional telephone communication network or with Next Generation Network (NGN) together.


Illustrate the solutions of E&M / Magnet to VoIP

With development of VoIP technologies, many and many army and railway departments are going to build VoIP communication system.

Meanwhile in army and railway departments, traditional communication system and business application based on E&M / Magnet is very important, they should keep original communication network too.

For example:



Under such a situation, E&M / Magnet Gateway designed by NICEUC, will make connection between E&M / Magnet interface and VoIP network (Or convert E&M / Magnet to VoIP, and vice versa).


In this diagram, E&M Gateway not only connects E&M interface to IP network, but also makes remote interconnection between two different E&M PBXs in two different places.

Above connection for E&M interface, it can be used for Magnet interface too.


Why choose E&M / Magnet Gateway from NICEUC?

Easy connection is established between E&M / Magnet interface and VoIP network.

Varieties of communication connections for E&M / Magnet interface, such as: E&M / Magnet interface to POTS / FXS, to GSM / CDMA / WCDMA, to E1 / ISDN, to radio system, etc

Flexible call rules and call routes, fully match with special requirement from customers.

Scalable modular design, it is convenient for users and customers to expand business easily in future. Capacity is from 1 to 96 ports audio per unit.

7*24 hours real time support from NICEUC..


Brief introduction for specification of E&M / Magnet Gateway used in this solution:

Model   No.








VOIP   Channels

16 or 32

32 or 64

64 or128

E&M   or Magnet Port

4 to 16

4 to 32

4 to 96

Other   Optional Port

E1 / ISDN,   FXO / FXS, GSM / CDMA / WCDMA, Radio, Audio, etc.

Ethernet  Interface

2   (10/100/1000M Base-T)


1(RS232   PORT)

SIP Compatibility


Input voltage

DC -48V

or AC 110-240V

DC -48V

or AC 110-240V

DC -48V or AC 110-240V (Redundancy)







*44mm (1U)

480mm*300mm*88mm (2U)

480mm*300mm*160mm (3.5U)


For more information about above products, please turn and click to the menu "product"-" E&M / Magnet Gateway" on our website, or please contact us freely.