Brand Name

From establishing year 2000, our brand is NICECOMM, it is NICE COMMunication; we devoted ourselves to providing nice communication devices and service for all customers.

From 2010 year, our brand is NICEUC, it is NICE Unified Communication; Unified communication is took as the direction of our company, we are committed to providing customers and users with new unified communication products and total solutions.

NICEUC Brand Logo

01- Interpretation


(1) Our brand logo use the first letter "N" of our abbreviation "NiceUC"as design elements; with ingenious idea, created an negative form  "N" of unlimited extension, it has a strong appeal and influence to effectively convey the characteristics and professional quality of our industry. It means that our company will l\keep continuous development in the communication industry.

(2) The shape of logo is a continuous communication band which is linked by three cut circular. In chinese traditional culture, "three" has a meaning that one produce two, two produce three, three produce infinity; This idea express that there will be a unlimited development prospects.

(3) The color of our logo is creative and promotes a ambitious atmosphere. This new red color which gives enthusiasm, vitality has a strong visual impact and appeal. This color just demonstrates our mature, stable, trustworthy corporate style.

02 - Standard drawing of our logo
(1) The standard color value: C100 Y100 K10 (the corresponding color on the display screen is R204 G51 is B51);

(2) The accurate proportion
According to the grid coordinate, this figure reflects the relationship of each parts.
Strictly follow the regulation of this figure to draw the correct pattern.

(3) The minimum size
In order to avoid the excessive reduction of the logo and affect the correct expression of our image, especially set that there shall not be less that 8mm on width.

(4) The minimum reservation space around the logo when it be independently use
To clearly express the image, then provide the minimum reservation space around the logo.

When using the logo separately express the image, there must be strictly to comply with this limit, and as larger as possible. If any special needs, Please make the appropriate adjustments under the the professional guidance.