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IP Communication

Background Introduction:

Nowadays, many enterprises tried to open branches in other provinces and cities or overseas in order to meet the demands of business and market. High expense for long distance calls and international calls between group headquarters and branch offices, or each segment, due to the business need.
Making good use of the available resources and mixing the data and phone in the enterprise network is to cut the cost of communication and maintenance by realizing long distance call bypass. This is a powerful means to improve competitiveness for enterprises which have PBX.


Digital Trunking Gateway MG900, Analog Gateway MG320, these products that developed independently by NICEUC can build a suitable VoIP system to constitute corporate communications network.

Topology diagram of solution as follows:

The call among the head office, branch office A and branch office B can be connected by SIP Calling not PSTN, thus realizes zero call charge.
All the external call can be made via the PBX in head office. It helps to meet the requirements about unified communications for external call, and also helps the management of voice over IP.


Detailed Description:

1. Installing a Trunking Gateway MG900 in head office, one end connects PBX by E1, the other end connects branch office by IP/SIP.

2. Installing Analog Gateway series products in branch offices according to your actual requirements. As topology diagram above, branch office A uses Analog Gateway product NC-MG160, it can support 16 extensions; branch office B uses Analog Gateway product NC-MG320, it can support 32 extensions. The maximum capacity of alone unit is 192 extensions.

3.The devices in different places can be connected via IP/SIP network, then, the unified private network is created.