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E1 Recording System

Application Range:

E1 recording system which do the real-time, automatic recording and real-time monitoring for calls on E1 lines is an integrated hardware and software system. Recording use the international universal voice processing and compression technology, which is in line with CCITT standards. After the voice signal is sampled, digitized, compressed, the recording will be stored in the computer's disk by the network.


Application Range:

Port Transport             Air Command

Call Center                  Bank Financial

Dispatch Center          Stock

Hospital                       Futures

Power Sector              Exchange

Police Department      Prison Talk

Fire Department         Business Calls

Complaint Hotline

The components of E1 Recording System

1- Recording Switch

It is an important hardware parts of the E1 Recording System. There are two models for recording switch at NICEUC Communication Company, and they are NC-AD300D and NC-AD300XD. A single set of NC-AD300D support 2 E1 recording; a single set of NC-AD300XD support maxima 26 E1 recording.


2- The Software (Built-in the CD-ROM)

It is a software of E1 Recording System.


3- Industrial PC, Server or PC

This will be used to install the software of E1 Recording System.


Physical Specification for hardware (Recording device)

Model number



Capacity for   recording

2E1 ports

26E1 ports

Console port

1 (RJ45 to   RS232)

LAN port

1 (RJ45 to   RJ45)




Input   voltage

-48V DC or   100240V   AC

Working   Temperature


Working Humidity

Less   80%

Dimension   (W×D×H)





15 KGS

Package size






Architecture and Description of the E1 Recording System

Recording for the existing E1 line, the better way is high-resistance and double-line recording. The connection diagram is as follows:

e1 recording system_1


As shown, insert the High-resistance Box into the middle of the original E1 line, and connect one E1 interface PCM 2 to the Recording System (NC-AD300D or NC-AD300XD) to recording. The E1 interface PCM 0 is through PCM 1 in the High-resistance Box; PCM 2 is an E1 interface that isolated by High-resistance, it will not have any effect on the original signal. The Recording System send the recording data to the Recording Server by network interface, the recording data will be stored and managed by the recording server.



Function and Features
1- On-line recording

The mode for E1 channel recording: start the recording software, then the system automatically recording the E1.


2- Real-time monitoring

We can set a fixed E1 channel for monitoring, also can do the real-time monitoring for the current and arbitrary call. When monitoring, it will not affect the quality of recording , you can easily transfer to another call channel.


3- Management of the recording files 

The system can inquiry, compile statistic, delete, modify the recording, and other operations. Searching and back to listen to the recording data, it can be according to channel number, date, time, dialed phone number and other conditions to do the single and combined queries.


 4-System management

According to the request, the customer can increase and delete the system administrator, or modify the relevant permissions of the administrator, assign different permissions to different administrators. In summary, the user management is very easy.

Why choose E1 Recording System from NICEUC? (Hardware advantages)

No effect on original call communication system.

Carrier-grade, Reliable, high performance and Cost-effective products, were produced in 2003, and sold to all over the world (more than 50 countries and areas).

Flexible call rules and call routes, fully match with special requirement from customers.

Scalable modular design, it is convenient for users and customers to expand business easily in future. Capacity is from 1E1 to 100 E1 ports per unit (For Recording: maximal capacity is 26E1 ports).

All kinds of signaling: ISDN PRI, SS7, R2/CAS, Q.SIG, V5.2, DPNSS are supported by NICEUC E1 Recoding System, one unit will solve varieties of connection.

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