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NICEUC Gateway helps IP Call Center

IP Call Center, advanced and modern, can not only support voice call, but also provide mutilmedia communication which including audio and video; It supports tranditional telephony termination, text, voice, short message and other interactive mode. IP Call Center also provide complete function for representatives and practical management system of call center.With the development of IP communication technology and the demand growth of market, IP Call Center comes into being. It is based on VoIP infrastructures, allowed users to transmit voice message by internet, and also can minimize the cost of communication for enterprise. Compared with tranditional call center, IP Call Center system is more open. It can provide more efficient IP Call Center Solution for users byintroducing new technology.

IP Call Center is also becoming the main mode on the architecture and construction of call center system. Now many famous telecom equipment makers, telecom service manufacturers and call center operators all put forward IP Call Center system, such as AVAYA, HUAWEI, ZTE, CISCO and so on.

For the IP Call Center Solution of manufacturers in the market, NICEUC can provide digital trunk accessing gateway and representative accessing gateway devices. A perfect combination can bring voice quality with high quality and high stability for operators, integrators, software provider, etc.

1. Using VoIP Media Gateway / Trunking Gateway as the access device in IP Call Center system.


VoIP Media Gateway / Trunking Gateway from NICEUC is carrier-grade of telecom operator. The NC-MG900 series products can connect PSTN (or TDM switch) with IP Call Center system, making  all kinds of IP Call Center  system work with PSTN (or TDM switch) seamlessly. For example, call from PSTN, via route rule and number conversion, connects to the specified SIP trunk to make voice communication.

Why Choose "VoIP Media Gateway / Trunking Gateway" from NICEUC?
Modular design, single unit supports 1-52 E1 ports, can meet the customers' different requirements. 
Besides SS7 and ISDN, MG900 supports China No.1 Signal, V5.2, Q.SIG, DPNSS, SIP, SNMP etc.
Based on gateway managment software with WEB interface, it’s convenient and swift.
Flexible and varied routing rule, number conversion, VoIP settings.
Excellent hardware features, ensure high quality and stability with the level of telecom operator.

2. Using Analog Gateway / FXS VoIP Gateway from NICEUC as agent device in IP Call Center.


Analog Gateway / FXS VoIP Gateway from NICEUC uses the standard SIP protocol, it s compatible with all kinds of IP Call Center system. As the FX VoIP Gateway of IP Call Center system, it can connect with analog phone, fax, analog pbx, provides good voice service and effectively cuts the cost of IP Call Center system. Modular design, flexible configuration for FXO/FXS port, its maximum capacity of FXO/FXS port is 192. TAnalog Gateway / FXS VoIP Gateway from NICEUC is the best agent gateway for all kinds of IP Call Center system.

Why Choose "Analog Gateway / FXS VoIP Gateway" from NICEUC?
Modular design, easy expension, single unit can provide 8 to 192 FXO/FXS port, adapt to all kinds of IP Call Center.
Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Do Not Call, Blind Transfer, Hotline Number etc.
Provides CTI programmable interface.
Local, remote web page and Telnet command for management.

•Rackmount design, scalable capacity from 4 to 192 ports per unit.