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After-Sale Service

The Content of Our Service

1. According to the specific circumstances of customers, we can install and test the product free for you;

2. According to the requirements of customers, we can provide the comprehensive technical

guidance for the use, management, maintenance,etc;

3. Ensure the maintenance for the supply of spare parts;

4. Be responsible for the maintenance service. During the warranty period, we will provide free maintenance service; if out of the warranty period, we will provide maintenance services with the best service;

5. For all products that we sold, we implement the national standards of the "three guarantees" services;

6. Deal with letters and visits from customers, answer customer inquiries. At the same time collect the views of customers on product quality by a variety of ways, and then improve the quality in time according to the different situation;

The System of Our Services

1. System Services 

1.1 Reasonable suggestions 

During the process of sales and design of user network system, with sorting out and optimizing the specific data in a reasonable order, then propose to rationalize the implementation of our system.

1.2 Dynamic Management for the Project 

To make the system more dynamic realistic, our company accept the reasonable needs/changes and make the corresponding adjustment in the process of system implementation. All changes must be documented and included in the system, to implement the process of management document library.

1.3 Help customers establish a perfect management system

With the understanding of the past experience and the equipment system, help all the organizations of the users to establish an effective system of management system, then a clear division and responsibility clear to ensure that the system efficient and safe operation.

2. Technical Support Services

 2.1 If the system crashes, our engineers will immediately provide telephone or online support services after receiving the report on the user response. If the customer allowed, our engineers can remotely login to the client machine by synchronous or asynchronous manner, processing in time. If a non-system crash occurs, our engineers will provide remote maintenance services within 1 hour after receiving the problem report .

2.2 Technical Support Services

Hotline 7 days a week, 24-hour telephone hotline support service.

Welcome your emails to supports@niceuc.com, supports team are always available for every customer.