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RoIP / Radio over IP

Product: RoIP Gateway (Radio over IP)

Radio over Internet Protocol, or RoIP, is similar to Voice over IP (VoIP), but augments two-way radio communications rather than telephone calls. It is essentially VoIP with PTT (Push To Talk).

RoIP systems routinely combine VHF, UHF, POTS telephone, Cellular telephone, SATCOM, air-to-ground, and other technologies into a single voice conversation. This makes it especially valuable to the much-documented problems with communications interoperability

RoIP Gateway is a voice gateway that makes connection between radio and IP network.



˙There are so many radio intercom systems, like: Analog Radio, TETRA Digital Radio, GOTA Digital Radio, etc, different radio intercom systems makes isolated information island, cannot achieve interconnection and interworking.

˙A variety of radios with PSTN, IP phones, GSM/CDMA and other common communication networks are unable to achieve interconnection and interworking too.

˙In application areas such as emergency dispatching, isolated information island is the biggest obstacle to effectiveness.

˙The integration of the radio intercom networks, traditional telephone communications network and NGN network is imperative. 

RoIP Gateway from NICEUC is designed to meet with such requirements, which supports 4 to 48 radio lines per unit. It is used in connecting, building complete varieties of Radio communication networks.


Illustrate the solutions of RoIP

With development of VoIP technologies, many dispatching systems in public safety and other emergency communication systems are based on IP / Internet as powerful function from VoIP. In dispatching and emergency communication systems, radio and PTT devices are very normal and necessary because of their nobilities.

For example:


To match above requirement, product RoIP Gateway which connects Radio and IP, is designed and produced by NICEUC.



Add one RoIP gateway from NICEUC between Dispatching or Emergency Communication System and Radio network, then the connection for both of them is built successfully.


Why choose RoIP Gateway from NICEUC?

Easy connection is established between radios and IP networks.

Varieties of communication connections for radio networks, such as: Radio to POTS / FXS, to GSM / CDMA / WCDMA, to E1 / ISDN, to Audio broadcast system, etc.

Flexible call rules and call routes, fully match with special requirement from customers.

Scalable modular design, it is convenient for users and customers to expand business easily in future. Capacity is from 1 to 48 ports radios per unit.

All kinds of radios are supported by NICEUC RoIP Gateway, it can connect different radios from different brand at same time; One unit will solve varieties of radio connection.


Brief introduction for specification of the products used in this solution:









Radio /PTT port




IP Channels



64 or 128

Ethernet Interface

One 10/100/1000M Base-T

Two 10/100/1000M Base-T


One RS232 port (Console Management port)

Radio Compatibility

Motorola, Hytera, TETRA, etc

SIP Compatibility

CISCO, Siemens, AVAYA, Huawei, ZTE, etc

Power supply unit

DC-48V   or AC 110-240V

DC-48V   or AC 110-240V

DC-48V   or AC 110-240V (Redundancy





Machine size

480mm*286mm*44mm   (1U)

480mm*300mm*88mm   (2U)

480mm*300mm*160mm   (3.5U)






Temperature0℃50℃  Humidity 10%-90Non-condensing

Temperature0℃50℃  Humidity10%-90Non-condensing

Temperature0℃50℃  Humidity10%-90Non-condensing

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