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Signaling Gateway is primarily to adapt the continuous development of telecommunications network construction, is to resolve the conversion and interoperability of various communications signaling between telecom operators and equipment suppliers, to meet the needs of flexible access between a variety of communications equipment and public telecommunication network.

NC-AD300D signaling converter (or called Signaling Gateway) series support SS7, ISDN PRI, V5.2, R2, Q.SIG, CAS, Chinese CSS1, DPNSS and other signalings, and can complete conversion among the various signaling; to reverse the situation which currently the most signaling converter equipment only support converting   two specific signalings because of their own board structure. 

These signaling convert equipments more effectively and flexibly achieve interconnection among various devices.

The SS7 Signaling Gateway produced by our NICEUC company (Model No.: NC-AD300R, NC-AD300D and NC-AD300XD) have been successfully connected with various equipments from Huawei, Bell, Alcatel, Nortel, Siemens, Lucent, Avaya, ZTE, Ericsson, Altigen, Cisco, etc.. 

Also there are a lot of successful application in China, the signaling gateway are widely used in the telecommunications network of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc..

Illustrate the solutions of signaling conversion

There are varieties of signaling standards in the communication network, so when the two kinds of communication devices do not support the same signaling, it will cause a problem that they can not normally connect because of the different signaling. Usually, this situation happen between the special network (or PSTN, or Operator) and the end user side.

As the following picture shows: PSTN or Operators only support SS7 signaling, but the device in the end user side only support ISDN PRI (or V5.2, or R2, or Q.SIG, etc.), in such a case, they can not establish calls between each other because of the different signaling.

In such a case, to establish calls between PSTN/Operator and the end user side, they must use the same signaling, so there should convert the signaling. Then signaling conversion will be done by NICEUC product "signaling gateway NC-AD300D".

Using the above figure as an example, we provide the following solutions: among the two sides, add NC-AD300D; convert the signaling of PSTN/Operator to the signaling of Users (e.g. Convert SS7 to PRI), or convert the signaling of Users to the signaling of PSTN/Operator (e.g. Convert PRI to SS7); Plz check the following picture:

Why choose signaling gateway from NICEUC?

Easy connection is established between PSTN / Operators / TDM and users’ PBX.
No need to make any changes in current network, when NICEUC signaling gateway is put in and made connection, any calls, 

call routes and business will be same as original network.

Quick, Reliable and Cost-effective communications service is built up.
Scalable modular design, it is convenient for users and customers to expand business easily in future.
Different kinds of signaling are supported by NICEUC signaling gateway, one unit will solve varieties of connection.

Summary for solutions of signaling conversion

As this picture shows, our solutions of signaling conversion can complete the arbitrary conversion among SS7, ISDN PRI, V5.2, R2, Q.SIG, CAS, Chinese CSS1, private signaling, etc.

Brief introduction for the product used in this solution:

Model No.


Signalings which can be converted


2 E1

SS7, ISDN PRI,   V5.2, R2, Q.SIG, CAS, Chinese CSS1, private signaling


2 to 16 E1


16 to 100 E1

For more information about product, plz turn and click to the menu "product"-"Signaling Gateway/Converter", or plz contact us freely.