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NSP7000 MIPS Board

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A MIPS card on basis of multiple-core processor Cavium OCTEON III MIPS64.

· It is one board with high performance that was developed by NICEUC Company, and uses multiple-core processor, new design without fan, and high reliability.

· With up to 16 LAN ports, it has powerful network processor ability; And also provides with COM, SATA, USB, etc.

· Operation System is GNU/Linux 64, kernel version is 3.10.20-rt14-Cavium-Octeon; it can not only be installed with NICEUC’s NPX soft switch system and SBC system, but also be installed with Asterisk system /Free Switch, and other open source software.

· As complete SDK development environment is available, it is possible for customers to develop their own business application on basis of this MIPS board.

· This board can be integrated with NICEUC's products NC-MG320, NC-MG640 and NC-MG930. With high processing ability, it ensures huge concurrent calls, excellent voice as well as video services.

Processor: Cavium OCTEON III CN71/70XX MIPS64

Three types of processor:

·CN7020-1000BG640    2 core 1.0GHz

·CN7130-1200BG640    4 core 1.2GHz

·CN7130-1500BG640    4 core 1.5GHz

Different types for different requirements.


1 to 4 cores  -  Up to 1.6GHz

27mm×27mm LBGA  28ns

L1, L2 Cache at full core speed

64-bit Architecture

Wide Bus Highways to Memory and Cache

16+ GBs of 36b DDR 3/4 Memory

   ·Hardware Memory Management

   ·Hardware Load Balancer

Comprehensive I/O Support


   ·Eight GbE



   ·SATA 3.0

   ·USB 3.0 with PHY

Leading Hardware Acceleration

   ·Packet Processing, QoS

   ·Packet Ordering, Schedule, Synch

   ·Hardware Cryptography

   ·Hardware Deep Packet Inspection

   ·Hardware RAID

Fully Software compatible with all OCTEON families

1). NSP7000 can be installed in NC-MG232, NC-MG320, NC-MG640 and NC-MG930.

2). Memory: 1GB or 2GB DDR3;

3). eMMC: 8GB;

4). SATA 3.0 *1, it can be standard 2.5 or 3.5 inch SATA disk or SSD SATA DOM 16G/32G with small size;

5). USB 3.0 *2 ports;

6). GE*4 ports, GE 3 and GE 4 can be Ethernet mirror, which is used for recording or data backup if need.

7). There are two connectors on back interface, they support 1 port GE and 16 ports FE;these FE ports can be used for customized development requirements, or connecting network in one chassis.

8). Dimension: 128mm*220mm.

9). Power supply is 12V DC, power consumption is 20W (MAX).

Block diagram of processor OCTEON III CN71/70XX