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NC-NPX7000 is an embedded small IP PBX System, using MIPs structure, and compact design. The NC-NPX7000, not only ensures the high-performance, but also is with low power consumption, quiet operation and environment protecting. It has a variety of business functions with multi-interface, can meet the different communication requirements of users. For common users, it provides simple configuration and basic functions of IPPBX. For professional users, development interface API and customized function or requirements are available. 

NC-NPX7000 is fully compatible with most VoIP devices from different manufacturers, perfect compatibility provides with best communication service to users.

Main Features

· Multi-Networks Connecting

Providing 4 Ethernet Ports (Max), supports multi-networks connecting at the same time.

· Easy to Use

WEB configuration interface, quick conveniently.

· High-performance and low-power dissipation

Using 64bits MIPS platform, ensures high-performance with low-power dissipation.

· Flexible routing

Support regular expression, time dependent routing, and packet routing.

·The Smart match of extensions

Intelligently match calling line according to the call history of extensions.

· Virtual PBX

Setting up multi virtual packet to provide service for several firms,the users in different company can’t call each other, and also without interference, it seems that each company is using an independent PBX device.

· Automatically record calls

Each extensions can turn on or off record function,the recording file connected to call ticket.


It has the API to interact with extensions,the Phone Assistant (EasyPhone) and Agent Software of the Call Center can be developed by API.

· Good compatibility

With perfect compatibility, it can work with PBX, VoIP Gateway, IP Phone and other device from mainstream VoIP manufacturers in the global.

Basic Functions

· Intelligent routing, time dependent routing

· Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

· Call Queuing

· Conference call

· Music on Hold

· Automated Attendant

· Call waiting

· Call Parking

· Extension Transit, reply on behalf

· Calling line identification and hide

· Caller ID display and hide

· Call forwarding

· Do Not Disturb(DND)

· Automatic Voice Service

· Voice mail, Message notification, Email notification

· Extensions right control

· SIP number changing

· Calling blacklist

· Call monitoring

· Call Log(CDR)

Advanced Functions       

· Extension Color ring back tone

· Extension Call Recorder

· Phone Link

· Virtual PBX

VoIP Protocol

· SIPv2 - Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261, 3262, 3263)

· SDP - Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327)

· RTP - Real-Time Protocol (RFC 1889, 1890)

· RTCP - Real-Time Control Protocol (RFC 1889)

· RFC 2833 X-NSE Tone Events for SIP/RTP

· RFC 2833 AVT Tone Events for SIP/RTP

VoIP Codec

· G.711 - Pulse Code Modulation (a law and u law)

· G.723.1 - 6.4 and 5.3 kbps ACELP/MP-MLQ

· G.726 - 16, 24, 32 and 40 kbps ADPCM

· G.729 - 8 kbps

Performance Index

· Concurrent Call (Max):500

· The average time of call completion :less than 1.5 seconds

· Call completion rate:more than 99%

· The average time for dynamic switching of voice codec:less than 60 millisecond

System Environment

· Dimension:482mm*286mm*44mm (1U)

· Power Supply:220V AC or -48V DC

· Maximum Power Consumption:18W

· External Power Supply:220V AC

· Storage Temperature:-40ºC~ 70ºC

· Long-term Working Temperature :0ºC~ 45ºC。

· Short-term Working Temperature :-5ºC~ 55ºC

· Humidity:5%~ 95% RH,No condensation