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Case of E1 Recording System


This is one successful and real application case in Chinese Mainland--ShangHai.


The existing telephone communication system in one Branch Bureau of Public Security is as follows:

Because of business requirements (such as: to improve quality of services, efficient settlement of disputes, etc), they want to make recordings of existing telephone communication system, including phone number, call time, time length of call, call content, used for monitoring and record information of phone communication.


Solutions: How to achieve?
Under the situation without any effect to existing telephone communication system, we can make parallel recording by high resistance box. Connection figures are as follows:

Insert high resistance box into the E1 lines that need to recording, and make parallel connection of E1 lines via high resistance box. In this way, there will not affect original signal, and achieve the requirement of recording.


Function and Features
1- On-line recording
The mode for E1 channel recording: start the recording software, then the system automatically recording the E1.


2- Real-time monitoring
We can set a fixed E1 channel for monitoring, also can do the real-time monitoring for the current and arbitrary call. When monitoring, it will not affect the quality of recording , you can easily transfer to another call channel.


3- Management of the recording files 
The system can inquiry, compile statistic, delete, modify the recording, and other operations. Searching and back to listen to the recording data, it can be according to channel number, date, time, dialed phone number and other conditions to do the single and combined queries.


 4-System management
According to the request, the customer can increase and delete the system administrator, or modify the relevant permissions of the administrator, assign different permissions to different administrators. In summary, the user management is very easy.


Brief introduction for the product used in this solution:
Model Number
Signaling which
can be supported
SS7, ISDN PRI, V5.2, R2, Q.SIG, CAS, Chinese CSS1, DPNSS, private signaling
2E1 to 16E1
Up to 100E1

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