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Integrated Gateway NC-MG930-X

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A VoIP gateway allows you to convert between a traditional telephony connection and a modern VoIP connection using SIP.

Niceuc Integrated Access VoIP Gateway integrate all traditional communication interfaces including like E1, FXO/FXS, GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/4G LTE, PTT/Radio/Audio, E&M/Magnet and IMS to SIP. It's as well as built-in X86 industrial computer card and MIPs embedded card which are used for customer to install their own software like Asterisk or others.

Maximal capacity of NC-MG930-X are 4E1 ports, 96 ports GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/4G LTE, 192 ports FXO/FXS, 120 SIP trunks and 500 SIP Subscribers, 48 ports PTT/Radio/Audio, 96 ports E&M/Magnet. 

They are mainly used in IPCC, IP Dispatching, unify communications and some specific industries.


-SS7 (ITU-T Q.700 series), 24 bits/14 bits PC, ISUP/TUP;

-ISDN-PRI (ITU-T Q.931, Q.921);

-V5.2 (ITU-T G.964, G.965)




·VoIP protocol:


 RFC3326 (Reason header in SIP messages)

 RFC3372 (SIGTRAN and SIP-T)

 RFC2327 (sdp)

 RFC3398 (ISUP-SIP Mapping)

 RFC3261 (sip)

 RFC5806 (Diversion Indication in SIP)

 RFC2833 (DTMF)

 RFC3362 (t.38)

 RFC 3261(SIP 2.0)

 RFC3204 (MIME media types for ISUP and QSIG Objects)

 RFC3578 (Mapping of ISUP overlap to SIP)

·Codec:G.711 U-Law and A-Law, G.711 Appendix 1, G.723.1 and G.723.1 Annex A, G.729 Annex A and Annex B, G.726,GSM,ARM, ILBC;

·Echo Cancellation: G.168 128 ms Network Echo Canceller;

·FAX: T30, T38 and pass through;

·Generic Voice Activity Detection (VAD);

·Generic Comfort Noise Generation (CNG);

·Calling control: Called/Calling party number translation; second stage dialing, Auto dialing with DTMF, Ring Back tone, DTMF, Caller ID, and Flexible input/output Gain Control.

·Network Protocol: IP, NAT, ICMP, ARP, HTTP, BOOTP, FTP, TFTP, DHCP, PPPOE, SNMP, Diff-Serv

Carrier-Grade reliability

   ·With a new generation of processor, a separate high-end DSP processing chip and powerful hardware processing, ensure that the equipment at full load conditions remained stable and reliable;

   ·99.99% availability, support continuous long talk at least 48 hours;

   ·Support over-current protection function on POTS interfaces ;

   ·Support the protection of lightning, surges, power lines and other protective lap;

   ·Full compatible;

Excellent voice communication quality

   ·Voice Activity Detection (VAD), to effectively save bandwidth resources;

   ·Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), to provide the same experience as PSTN in calls;

   ·Adaptive dynamic buffer technology, to meet the application under bad network;

   ·G.168 128ms echo cancellation technology. This indicator is far higher than the same kind of PBX, eliminating the echo interference caused by long distance call;

   ·DTMF detection / generation technology, to effectively support the business of the fax, callback, second dial.

Plentiful business functions

   ·Modification between calling number and called number;

   ·As a terminal, support the register trunk function to other GK(Gatekeeper) or SIP Server.

   ·As a gateway, support the control from superior GK or SIP Server to complete the trunking calls;

   ·Support any interacting among E1, GSM, PTT, FXO, FXS, SIP, IMS;

   ·Support automatic routing function;

   ·Support high capacity of black and white lists;

   ·Simultaneously support the register of 4 SIP Server;

   ·Support output of CDR;

   ·Fax support T.30, T38 and pass through;

   ·Support reelection function;

   ·Support detection of calling number and display of call ID;

   ·Support generation of dial tone, ring back tone, etc.;

   ·Port supports gain and comfort adjustment of noise;

   ·Multi-router and multi-bureau management, group, cluster and exchange management, intelligent routing distribution and equal traffic sharing;

   ·Support function of dividing groups, for the incoming calls, the subscriber line can be set to line up or take turns to choose;

   ·Flexibly control the incoming and outgoing of lines, the lock of long-distance calls can be controlled by the phone;

   ·Complete call functions,it can provide several kinds of call functions and special call way by customer's request;

   ·The voice processing capacity support voice play with built-in computer operator;

   ·High processing capacity in conference;

   ·Monitor and handle real-time telephone traffic;

Simple and convenient management/maintenance

   ·The way of management on software: Local and remote WEB; Local and remote Telnet; Console port-Super terminal;

   ·On hardware, with rack design, they can be installed in the standard 19 inches rack, also can be separately installed in a small machinery room. (NC-MG930-X is rackmount 3.5U height)




Slot   for PSU Card


2 (Hot-standby)

Slot   for MCU Card



Slot   for LPU Card



Analog Port   (CO line/Extension)

0 to 64   FXO\FXS

0 to 192   FXO\FXS

VOIP Channel/SIP   Trunk

64 or 128

64 or 128

SIP   Subscribers

30 to 500

30 to 500

E1/T1 port   (PCM)



Magnet Port



E&M   Trunk Port



Audio Port



PTT/Radio   Port






X86   Industrial card



MIPS Embedded   Card



Ethernet/LAN   Port

2 (10/100/1000M   Base-T)

2  (10/100/1000M Base-T)

Console Port

1 (RS232)

1 (RS232)

SIP Compatibility

CISCO,   Siemens, AVAYA, Huawei, ZTE, etc.

CISCO,   Siemens, AVAYA, Huawei, ZTE, etc.

Radio Compatibility

Motorola,   Hytera, Tetra, Gota, etc.

Motorola,   Hytera, Tetra, Gota, etc.

Power   Supply Unit

DC -48V   or AC 110-240V

DC -48V or AC 110-240V




Telephone   Transmission Distance



Device   Dimension

480mm*300mm*88mm   (2U)





Working   Environment

050, Less 80%

050, Less 80%